Think Before Destroying Someone

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Seems to be the theme of the week for most people around me. I have seen others hurt the ones they love most by not thinking before they opened their mouths. I have also been on the receiving end of words that hurt me deeper then I thought possible this week. I have learned over time to try and think before I say things I know that I will regret. I learned that when I am hurt or angry I tend to say the things that I know are gonna hurt that person the most. I want them to feel like me, hurt as bad as I do. There is however no excuse, no matter how angry we are, to say anything that could damage someone’s self-esteem,self-worth, or even their pride. For those of us that have almost no control over what seems like a broken record playing in our heads of all the bad things that people have said or even our own self-defeating thoughts, it can be the most damaging thing ever. Those words never truly leave us. I have always said that I preferred the physical abuse to words. Bruises heal, my mind never forgets the hurtful words someone said to me.  That are then replayed over and over on a never ending cycle of self-hating thoughts in my head. So before you destroy someone, try and think of what you are about to say before its too late to fix what you broke.


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